There is a NEW natural beauty in town and I got to try it out! Moving towards a natural beauty routine can be daunting as a lot of beauties perceive that natural products will not yield the same results. Enter, Derca!

Derca is a multi-award-winning skincare brand with Nano & Lipo Technology that promotes ultimate skin health, fast healing and improvements. Derca only uses the best-chosen ingredients at the highest and purest form to treat acne, pigmentation, scarring, and anti-aging within just weeks.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I battle with pigmentation, so I was given the Derca Balancing Complex Wash and Pigmentation Lightening Gel to try for a month. Day to day one doesn’t always realise the difference until my Mom made a remark saying wow, what have you been using on your skin as your skin is looking amazing and your pigmentation is nearly gone!

Derca Balancing Complex Wash improves pigmentation spots while leaving you skin feelings smooth and clean. The Pigmentation Lightening Gel uses advanced technology with Niacinamide and other lightening ingredients that treats pigment spots and malasama within a few weeks. I’m not saying it’s going to take it all away, but you will see an improvement. Tip: Keep your face out of the sun as much as possible and remember to wear your sunscreen!

The best part is that Derca offers results driven skin care at affordable prices! With active ingredients to treat and maintain skin concerns and safe to use on all skin types, why not pop in at your closest Wellness today?

Derca is Paraben free, SLS Free, Irritant free and does not test on animals!

A last little piece of advice from me, beauty is not just about what you put on your skin but also what you are putting into your body so make sure you are giving your body what it needs in terms of nutrition, supplementation, sleep and healthy habits. My power in a bottle at the moment is Metagenics PhytoMulti, also known as the “smart” multivitamin. With its proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients, one a day takes you beyond basic wellness and helps you reach your maximum potential for health that also includes feeling and looking your best!