Did you know that today is World Cucumber Day? What better way to celebrate than with a Gin &Tonic garnished with a slice of cucumber?

The only problem, over a third of cats across the globe display an irrational fear of cucumbers* and left me with the predicament of how to celebrate this fun day with without upsetting Amy and Riley.

Luckily Hendrick’s Gin  stepped in just in time to ensure harmony is restored ahead of today.

According to Dr Mugford, the suspicious nature of cats is what leads to the innate fear of the mighty cucumber – the oddness and unusual persona of the green fruit makes them feel uneasy.

Below are a few tips on how best to safely introduce cucumbers to your kitty and keep them calm during this wonderfully whimsical celebration:


According to David Piper, Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador, the cucumber is at the core of Hendrick’s gin, which is oddly infused with cucumber itself -the gin that is, not the cucumber – a cucumber is wholly made of cucumber!

But to get back to the point. Cats have an illogical fear of cucumbers – so as inventors of the cucumber garnish, Hendrick’s had to act responsibly to ensure that cats feel at ease while we enjoy our Hendrick’s libations garnished, of course, with a cucumber, on World Cucumber Day.

I was therefore encouraged to take the necessary precautions to ensure that I could celebrate World Cucumber Day with a slice of the unusual… and that’s just what I did.

I started implementing cucumber training at home earlier this week by putting a cucumber in a paper bag and leaving it on the floor in the lead up to today – this gave Amy and Riley a chance to discover the cucumber themselves and in their own time. I also used the ‘cucumber’ on a stick technique where they realised that the cucumber was not something to fear.

IMG_0009    IMG_0021

Full details on the tips and techniques can be found at: https://youtu.be/nKqB3XFIHOI

With harmony restored, feel free to celebrate World Cucumber Day by making yourself a Catnip & Cucumber Cooler !

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What you need:

50ml Hendrick’s Gin

20ml Fresh lemon juice

10ml Elderflower cordial

8-12 Leaves of catnip

20ml Cloudy apple juice

50ml Fresh cucumber juice

70ml Soda water


Combine Gin, lemon, elderflower and catnip in base of tall glass and muddle. Add ice, cucumber, apple juice and churn. Add more ice, top with soda and garnish with a cucumber wedge and catnip sprig.

Remember to please enjoy the unusual responsibly!

More information: www.hendricksgin.com

*Please note no official research has been conducted on this subject to date – information supplied by Hendrick’s Gin