So I haven’t blogged for a while, life has just been extremely busy… and even though it’s no excuse, finding balance has been a challenge.

And let’s face it, when your life is chaotic, stress is high and everything has an impact on your skin – and not in a good way!

Luckily, Dermalogica to the rescue with their new pick-me-up Charcoal Rescue Mask for tired and lacklustre skin.

Charcoal Resc Masq Tube laydown

This is a multitasking masque suitable for all skin types, and will leave your skin healthy, vibrant and glowing. It detoxifies, brightens, and invigorates all skin conditions, with ingredients that draw out excess oil and impurities. It refines pores, calms redness, and improves skin texture and smoothness. It also has the power to address skin ageing, dullness, breakouts, and sensitivity, this product is truly a skin saviour. The Charcoal Rescue Masque helps to remove dirt build-up and stimulates cellular turnover, making it the go-to product for healthy, glowing skin.

You can use the Charcoal Rescue Masque up to 4 times a week, whenever your skin needs rescuing. Leave it on for 7-10 minutes, then lightly massage with wet hand to enhance exfoliation during removal. Rinse thoroughly, and follow with moisturiser.  Your skin will appear brighter and smoother after just one use. Getting smoother, brighter, and healthier skin has never been easier!

The Charcoal Rescue Masque will be available from April 2016. So pop in at your nearest Dermalogica Concept store and while you are there, why not spend a few minutes with one of the skin care therapists for a skin consultation?

Throughout Dermalogica’s Concept Stores, the complimentary Face Mapping® skin analysis is used as a platform to help educate consumers about their skin, as well as inform them of their best treatment and take-home skin care routines.

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