We’ve all been there. That moment when you wave back at a stranger, only to realise that they were waving to the person behind you… awkward!!  Or how about that time when your ultra-competitive friend asked for the recipe of the delicious store-bought chocolate cake you served at your dinner party, in front of the whole table of guests?

Such moments left you red in the face and wishing desperately that you could filter them – as you do with most of the moments and events that you post to your social media platforms. We use filters for just about anything and everything! Why? Filters make us look and feel good. So why not adapt the same attitude to one of  the most important ingredients we consume every day, our water?

Brita, the world’s leading home water filtration product manufacturer, recently launched its elegant new Fill & Serve water filter carafe – perfect for filtering all the unwanted ‘stuff’ from your water.

Fillserve_carafe_bottle_soloRecipient of the 2015 Reddot Award in the “Product Design” category in recognition of delivering an elegant approach to filtering and serving water, the Fill & Serve is an ideal accompaniment to compliment any stylish table setting. The carafe is fashioned from exceptionally transparent, high gloss, state-of-the-art ‘Tritan’ plastic and features soft touch design elements. It’s hygienic, can fit in your fridge door, is lightweight, shock resistant, easy to handle and lasts a lifetime.

Most importantly, the carafe’s Micro Disc has a 150 litre capacity and its ActivSelect® technology effectively reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances while leaving the ‘good’ minerals in. This is an important consideration in light of all the pollution we get exposed to on a daily basis.

By filtering tap water, you can reduce many unwanted impurities and optimise the taste and quality of the water you are drinking.

Water offsets fatigue, keeps your organs in good working order, flushes toxins, improves skin complexion, maintains regularity, boosts the immune system, helps prevent and relieve headaches, prevents cramps and strains and has numerous other benefits. In other words, do yourself, your friends and loved ones a favour and make sure there’s enough good quality water to go around.

So go on, you filter everything else in your life, why not filter your water and get the most out of it while it’s still summer?

The new Brita Fill and Serve is available from  the following retail outlets: Takealot.com, Yuppiechef.com, Makro and select Pick Pay stores nationwide.

For more information: http://www.brita-water.co.za/  and Facebook/ Brita South Africa