Online blogging has become a favourite pastime for many young people today. Where once we put pen to paper and wrote our thoughts in a personal diary, we are now able to share our opinions and interests with the world by means of a personal online platform.

Blogging has shaped the way the Internet is used, and in many ways has given a voice to many brands and their products. Bloggers share their experiences with using the products, allowing others to read their review before making a decision to purchase.

One particular type of blogging that has made a mark in the industry is that of the beauty blogging. Beauty bloggers have managed to inspire thousands of followers by taking what they love to do most and sharing this with others. Even brands themselves are reaching out to these bloggers, asking them to review a certain range or product, some even offering remuneration in return. This growth has led to the need to recognise these blogs for the pivotal role they play in the industry. TanOrganic is a brand that is aware of this, and therefore saw the opportunity to establish the annual South Africa Beauty Blogger Awards.

There are 9 categories in the Beauty Blog Awards, namely

  1. Best Overall Blog,
  2. Best Content,
  3. Best Web Design,
  4. Best Fashion Blogger,
  5. Best Cosmetic Blogger,
  6. Best Male Grooming Blog,
  7. Best Social Media,
  8. Newcomer of the year, and
  9. Readers Choice.

With more people reading and writing beauty blogs, the blogging industry is becoming increasingly influential. The awards are aimed at recognising the importance of blogging in the modern business landscape and acknowledging the skills, effort and commitment it takes to create an influential blog.

The winners will be announced on 22 August 2015 at the Gala event, to be held in Johannesburg. All funds raised for the awards will go towards a Non-Profit Cancer Charity for Cancer Research or Education and Awareness.

TanOrganic is excited about the inaugural awards and hopes that it will grow from strength to strength in the future.

So the only question left is “Have you entered yet?”

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