If you love a good fragrance as much as I do,  the teams at deodorant brands Playboy and Playgirl have defined the leading scent trends for 2016. This season there is  a sharp break away from the nature-inspired scents of the past year, and moving towards a far more engineered scent eliciting feelings of power and confidence.


The five key trends for 2016:

  1. Oud goes global

Oud has been popular in the Middle East for centuries, and recently it’s been a muse for many of the large fashion houses. Big names like Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford and Versace have released Oud- based fragrances,  with more on the way. Oud is the Arabic term for the incense that is derived from Agarwood.

  1. Gold lustre

Whether it’s glimmering gold or tarnished bronze, the age-old attraction of precious metals continues in this seasons fragrances.  Gold means glamour, and fragrances from Michael Kors and Calvin Klein stir the same emotions.  Playgirl Desire, launched in time for the 2015/16 holiday season has leveraged this trend and appears in a striking gold canister.  The scent is enticing and tempting, just like the revered precious metal.

  1. Guilty pleasures

Drawing on the inspiration behind popular scents like Thierry Mugler’s Angel, 2016 will see fragrance houses delivering indulgent scents further building on the gourmand notes of 2015. We’ll see further use of honey, chocolate and vanilla in fragrances stirring all levels of the imagination..

  1. Male perfection, what else?

Images of powerful dark suit-clad men staring meaningfully into the distance will continue to dominate the upfront pages of the fashion magazines. Fragrances betting on the man-on-the-street striving for masculine perfection will emerge further endorsing the idealised male stereotype.   Male grooming is a concept in it’s infancy in South Africa, and fragrances will arrive to challenge this.

  1. The Spornosexual

Remember when the term metrosexual rose to popularity? Well, the spornosexual has arrived to knock it off its pedestal.  The spornosexual can be found at the gym, working on his perfectly toned body, often with muscle-enhancing tattoos, piercings and plunging v-neck necklines. The spornosexual spends his time and money on the building of his physical appearance and isn’t shy to show it off. If you need a mental image, think of Christiano Ronaldo or David Beckham. Expect bold, even pungent fragrances in 2016 ideally suited to this audience.

NB – bear in minds that the fragrances arriving in South African retailers will be significantly higher priced thanks to the exchange rate, but offers a welcome alternative. AMKA brands like PlayGirl and PlayBoy are developed locally and follow the same fragrance trends as the international houses. The newly launched PlayGirl Desire and PlayBoy Black Gold offers the same scent at a dramatically reduced price.

“Do your homework on the trends and find the scent or scents in the supermarket that suits you,”