A while back I received some Mio body care products to review and must admit that the whole range has made my favourites list!

Fit minds + fit bodies + fit skin = happiness after all!

Mio Fit Liquid Yoga – Bath Soak

So this one is not for the Capetonians, but as Mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak has become one of my go-to happiness products, I just had to share with you. On the packaging is states “Warning – this product may cause relaxation and happiness” and it really just does that! Described as your personal masseuse in a bottle, this non-foaming milky-moisturising blend of essentials oil, mineral salts and herbs is the perfect solution when you need some time-out! Shake well and pour a glug into a warm running bath to create your own relaxation haven that will help with muscle fatigue, relaxing those tight and stressed areas of your body all whilst detoxifying and re-energising. Take your time (at least 20 minutes), soak-up, relish the relaxing aromas and enjoy some much needed me-time, you’ll thank me after!


Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter

Our body does a lot for us so investing in it, now and for the future is key! Enter the newest moisture miracle to my beauty cupboard, Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter, a rich body butter that works to replenish, hydrate and boost your skin to help your skin appear smoother and firmer whilst leaving behind a healthy gorgeous glow that makes you want to show off your skin. Tip – if your skin needs some extra moisture, use in the morning on shower damp skin for long-lasting 24-hour hydration.


Mio ShrinkToFit cellulite smoother

Probably the most dreaded word to any woman’s vocabulary, cellulite… but in reality, over 90% of women have it! Thank goodness for products like Mio ShrinkToFit cellulite smoother to help us tackle the trouble spots! Harnessing the powers of Rosemary Extract, Green Tea and Caffeine, this antioxidant-rich cream can be massaged into the hips, thighs and arms to help diminish dimples and ‘orange peel’, whilst toning and effectively improving circulation to reveal a more refined body contour. ShrinkToFit is an extremely effective product but it is important to note that using great products is one of many steps towards having a smoother, refined body such as drinking enough water, eating healthy and exercising. I’ve been using this product for a month and it’s definitely made a difference in my skin’s appearance, taking me one step closer to being short-ready when Spring arrives!


Mio Fit Get Waisted body cream

As we get older, we need to make use of all the help we can get to stay in our best shape! Mio Fit Get Waisted body cream is one of those go-to products! With 9 proven ingredients designed to create energy within your skin, to stimulate circulation, eliminate puffiness, hydrate and help recontour your waist and a fitter and firmer tum, this product is your ultimate gym buddie.


Mio is all about giving you fit skin for like and offer high intensity body care that works as hard as you do! Looking after your body is an investment and YOU are worth every penny!


Mio products are available at any Wellness Warehouse store or online!


You’re welcome!


With love,