Today would’ve been my grandmother Yvonne’s 80th birthday. She passed away earlier this year and left a hole in our hearts. She was an amazing woman, a great mother and an excellent gran. In honor of her memory, I dedicate this blog post to her.55862_458867301085_652281085_6250016_5811695_o           MAR_0111

My Gran was one of the most important woman in my life. I know that without her I would not be the woman that I am today. For as long as I can remember I have always been excited to see my grandparents and was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that used every occasion as an excuse to have a family get-together.

My Gran was by far the best grandmother. She always knew the right thing to say or do to make people happy. She constantly encouraged us, she filled us with confidence when we were out, she gave us love no matter how we acted, she supported us in everything we did and she fed us whether we were hungry or not. She loved us grandchildren unconditionally. No matter what we did and how mediocre it felt to us, she was always filled with pride for us. 

Family holidays were always a special time for our family and Gran always did the very best she could to make it that way. She loved any excuse to get us all together. We could always expect a card on our birthdays, new clothes for the upcoming season and even a little spending money every now and again. I never thought much of it because it was always a given but now I realise how much it really meant to me. My gran was someone who made little things mean a lot. Seeing her grandchildren was always a great source of happiness for her. She made us feel wanted whether we saw her all the time or only every once in awhile. It didn’t make a difference. She loved each and every member of her family deeply and unconditionally.

Even though she has left this life for one far greater, the huge amount of love she had was shown in everything she did.  You can see it in the countless sweets, clothes and spoils she bought for her grandchildren; in her love for her children; in the countless occasions she took us for lunch; hosting family Thursday on the farm every week, in finding reason to fetch us in her beloved Slk and later on letting us drive, in the way she enjoyed life to the full and  in the collection of family photos on display in her room. But most of all you can see it in the faces of her children and her grandchildren and in the hearts of everyone she encountered. She shaped us all into the adults that we are today.


“Gran, I wish you were still here… I am getting married on 21 February 2015 and wish you could’ve been part of this journey. Wish you could’ve been there on the day to see me walk down the aisle and be proud of the woman that I am. Gran, I miss you every day and will always cherish the moments we had together. You were by far the greatest Grandmother I could’ve asked for and I am thankful that your memory lives on through us. Happy 80th Birthday Gran! I love you”