I’m a big fan of local skincare, and count SKOON amongst my favourite proudly South African natural beauty brands.

Meaning ‘clean’ in Afrikaans, SKOON is a natural skincare collection that uses best-in-class natural ingredients. It’s cruelty-free, and does not test on animals.

Here are three of my favourite SKOON products available from your nearest Wellness Warehouse store:

Gel-to-milk cleanser

In winter, my skin tends to be more sensitive. What I like about this cleanser is that it’s very gentle, but because of the gel-to-milk technology, it still cleans and conditions effectively. I simply splash my face with a little water and massage a small amount into my skin. When I rinse, the creamy gel transforms into a milk as it comes into contact with the water.


The One super moisturiser

If your skin is dry, sensitive or more on the mature side, you will love this moisturiser. Also known as The One, it’s fast absorbing, deeply nourishing and contains organic rooibos and honeybush marula oil. It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid, ceramide 3 and pomegranate sterols, which are all essential for making tired, dull skin look amazing. What I love most about SKOON is that you can add a few drops of your favourite concentrate or serum to the formula to suit your skin’s current needs. I’ve been mixing the Skoon Glow Drops with my moisturiser every morning and my skin is loving it!


SKOON papaya + pineapple sherbet exfoliating mask

Prossibly my favourite face mask to date! Suited for all skin types, the SKOON papaya + pineapple sherbet exfoliating mask is a non-abrasive sherbet of enzymes and clay that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and debris. It’s the perfect mask to use if you suffer from breakouts, as the enzymes help to resurface the top layer of the skin without irritating it. When using the mask, scoop a small amount of the powder into the palm of your hand, and add water little by little until it forms a smooth paste. Apply onto cleansed skin (avoiding the eye area) and leave on for five to nine minutes. Remove with tepid water and say hello to glowing skin!


With love,