Summer is finally here and for me, summer skin is all about keeping it fresh and easy.

As a quick fix to moisturise my skin (especially after the winter), I love using body oils. One of my current favourite products to use is the My Abby Body Oil™ – a range that is based on the intense moisturising qualities of Abyssinian oil.

It easily absorbs into the surface layers of the skin and produces a noticeably smooth texture and healthy tone. The long chain fatty acids and natural Vitamin E contained in the product also provides exceptional benefits of nourishment and protection to the skin.

The oil can also be added to your bathwater for a relaxing and skin nourishing bath.

My Abby_body oil 2

My Abby Range’s™ products are developed in South Africa, and only uses natural occurring ingredients with the South African climate in mind, making it a win-win for your skin!

My Abby Range’s™ products are available at Wellness Warehouse stores in Gauteng and the Western Cape.