September is my birthday month and got me wondering about the importance of celebrating the day and why I feel so strongly about making a fuss about someones birthday.

As you get older, birthdays become less and less important. Some people even skip them altogether. You often hear people saying “It’s just another day”. But you know what? It’s not. Surely, as we get older, we should celebrate our birthdays more?

As we get older, our friends and family become more important, not less. But they also become more understanding that we see them less. And likewise, I think birthdays become more important, not less.

Life is worth celebrating! So many things can happen during the course of a year – babies are born; 12-year-olds mature and get themselves set for high school and teenage status; 18-year-olds finish up school and go to university; some couples go from being engaged to just married, some go from long-time worker to retired, some go from healthy to incredibly ill and some we loose.

Every moment is filled with life —laughter, sadness, anger, bliss, depression, good times, happiness and love. And surviving it, thriving in it, dancing in it, crying in it and making it through for another day, well, that’s a pretty good reason to gather up all the people you love and who love you back and celebrate that you made it through yet another year.

So make a point of telling the people who mean something to you that you appreciate them and that you love them, that you’re grateful they’ve been around for another year.

After all, it’s only one day in a year, so make sure you go all out and celebrate life!