It’s finally December and my husband-to-be returns to looking normal! If you are like me, November is a month you dread because with it comes …The Mo!

Movember is a month dedicated to raising awareness around men’s health issues such as prostate and other male cancers, so even though I am not a fan of a man with a lot of facial hair, I do support the cause!

In support of Movember and in collaboration with Truefitt & Hill, I tasked Andy with the tools and products he needed to Grow His Mo!


Truefitt & Hill’s Gentlemen’s Toiletries, including the world’s finest Shaving Cream, After Shaves, Colognes, Hair Preparations, Shampoo, Soaps and Bath/Shower Gels, and all are carefully blended with natural fragrance. The Truefitt & Hill Pre-Shave oil is a must have item for your man, be it Movember or just everyday use. Formulated with 10 essential oils, it has an energizing and refreshing scent; its light texture will not clog the pores or the razor blade and it protects the skin as it contains conditioning, moisturising and antioxidants ingredients. Leaving your man in a kissable condition, even if he has a Mo.

In spirit of Movember, I just had to share so the ladies out there knew what they were getting themselves into when your man rocks up at home and says “Babe, this month I’m going imperial style”…

The Natural look

One of the subtlest mustaches is the ‘natural’ look; this mustache is popular among many due to the low maintenance required. This mustache is normally grown to a medium length, and is the best mustache for beginners or men who have the ability to grow a full mustache however choose to keep it sporty and tame.

The Imperial


The imperial mustache is for the more daring; this mustache is reserved for civil war reenactments or other types of theatrical involvement. This mustache extends out to either side and expands into a full beard; the chin however is left clean-shaven.

The Handlebar Mustache

The Handlebar mustache, which name comes from the style resembling the shape of bicycle handlebars, is a classic mustache that was historically worn by Italian men with a high level of sophistication. This mustache is not for the faint hearted, as this type of mustache requires a great deal of effort. The Handlebar mustache is bushy and is often characterized by thinning out the sides that are then curled upward. The Handlebar mustache rose to fame in Europe where 18th century soldiers sported this look. In the United States the Handlebar mustache was popular among cowboys and the Wild West.

 The Fu Manchu 


The Fu Manchu is often accompanied by a lengthy goatee and is included in many British novels. This mustache is best suited for men with thin facial hair and requires you to grow the sides thin and long.

BUT for now GOODBYE to The Mo and HELLO to summer skin and tans!


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