My grandmother always said that one is never fully dressed without proper lipstick!

With MUD lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glazes,  those lovely lips will  stay centre stage of any conversation 😉

MUD has two types of lipsticks in their collection. A sheer or a satin and regardless of the formula, you can mix any two colours to customize your look or overlay it with a lip glaze for luscious lips.


RSP: R280

These luxurious Satin Lipsticks are emollient-rich with a non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft and smooth with an opaque matte finish.

  1. Idol: A purple-magenta color with a warm undertone.
  2. Burlesque: A deep berry-red color. Add Magnolia Lip Glaze to create a fresh, berry gloss for a day-time look.
  3. Flirt: A deep, hot pink color. Mix with Sandy Beach to create a fun bubble-gum pink color.
  4. Lucky: A vivid, coral red. Use with Red Lip Pencil to deepen the color.
  5. Charm: A matte, soft pink with a cool undertone. To sheer the pink for a fresh-faced look, add Shine gloss or, to increase the intensity, add Cupid Lip Glaze for a bright pouty pink.
  6. Soleil: A warm, burnt orange/coral.  Add Lip Glaze in Spicy to add a spark of shine, or, a layer of Cantaloupe Lip Glaze for a bright, light coral color.

Mud 1

NB: To get the perfectly applied MUD Lipstick is it important to understand the Anatomy of the Lip.

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Lip Colour Application: On Colour

Light colours tend to make the lips appear larger, while dark colours may seem to diminish the size of a lip; this is based on the same theory as highlights and shadow. Highlights pull, shadows push.

To blend a darker lip liner into a lighter lip colour, apply lip pencil using a clean, dry lip brush to blend liner into natural lip colour. Apply light lip colour to the centre of mouth and blend to the lip line. This adds dimension and creates a soft transition of dark to light.

To achieve a fuller look, apply a dab of a lighter shade of lip colour, or a shimmery shade to the fullest part of the cupids bow, and to the centre of the bottom of the lip. For a variation of this, apply a lighter shade of lip colour to the bottom lip only.

When choosing a lip colour, the overall look to be achieved by the makeup artist needs to be taken into consideration. For example, for a natural makeup look, the colour red would not be the right choice. However a soft earthy pink would be a good selection.

To achieve a classic period look of the fifties, soft peaches or pinks would not be the right choice. A bright classic red would be the colour to choose. As with any makeup project, research will need to be done for accuracy.

Loading The Lip Brush From The Tube

To load the brush, work the colour into the brush by dragging it through the lip colour. A forward then backwards motion, laying the brush almost flat through the product, works well to coat both sides of the brush. Be careful not to mash the brush the brush tip into the product, as this will spread apart the bristles of the brush, resulting in an uneven application.

Lip colour application is the procedure used to place a lip colour product on the lips. Lip colour will enhance the makeup application by drawing attention to the mouth. The lip colour application is generally the last step in the makeup process, completing the makeup application for a total look.

Types of Lips:

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MUD products:


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Lip Pencil – RSP: R245

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Lip Glaze – RSP: R245

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LipGloss – RSP: R245

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