Spring is around the corner and if you are like me, I can’t wait to start wearing pretty summer dresses again. However, this means that those neglected body parts that we could easily hide away during winter, especially ones armpits need some extra love and care.

Unfortunately as humans, we have to deal with unpleasant wet patches caused by sweat glands located under each arm – not only in stressful situations but also in daily life. While eccrine sweat glands influence our appearance by being responsible for wetness, apocrine sweat glands even affect our attractiveness due to the special odour that occurs during the process of bacterial interaction with the sweat produced.

It was the Egyptian pioneers who were the first to try to mask their unpleasant body odour: while they worked on building their pyramids, they invented perfume and applied a little under their arms.

Later, other strategies to remove the bad smell under the arms evolved: the Greeks, for example, took baths in perfume, while the Romans soaked their clothes in perfumed oils and other fragrances. Attempts to prevent body odour by using soaps, colognes, and perfumes finally became obsolete in 1888, when the first deodorant was developed. It contained zinc oxide, a weak antimicrobial. Over time, deodorants became more pleasant to use, for example when Beiersdorf introduced its deodorant soap in 1951.

For most people nowadays, it is clear that women’s armpits in particular should look soft, cared-for, and, most importantly, hairless. However, in the past there was no need to shave the underarms, as the current fashion did not show off the armpits. This changed in around 1915 when the first sleeveless dresses were designed and, in order to look perfectly beautiful in the new fashion, women started removing their underarm hair – and have been doing so ever since.

For those women who enjoy cared-for armpits without a bad odour, NIVEA Deodorant Protect & Care is there to offer the perfect balance between antiperspirant protection and gentle underarm care.

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Protect & Care is the most caring NIVEA Deodorant and is especially gentle to your delicate underarm skin. It does not contain alcohol and is non-irritating. It combines highly effective 48-hour protection with essential NIVEA Creme ingredients and scent. The innovative formula is fast-absorbing, leaving your skin beautifully soft and comfortably dry.