Every woman deserves some Me Time and what better place to spend some time-out than at a relaxing spa.

Since a young girl my mom taught me the importance of always looking your best, using quality skin and hair care products and regular trips to your favourite salon or spa is a must.

Taking this into consideration, I though I’d share my favourite spa spots to visit:

1. Africology Spa , Parkhurst

I was recently treated to a African Goddess Facial and Full Body Herbal Oil Massage.

Wow, how amazing is this spa. When walking down 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, the Africology scent lingers, welcoming you in. The facial began with the mentally relaxing notes created by a Tibetan singing bowl , followed by a back scrub and balm-infused back massage. Only once the back has been restored to its relaxed state does the facial begin, putting one straight into relaxation mode.

The African Goddess facial is a treatment designed to honour the goddess within. The treatments is a de-stressing, anti-aging and cell-renewal facial, rich in natural oils that is deeply hydrating, it restores elasticity and also stimulates new cell growth. This treatment is a wonderful ritual that involves cleansing, a massage and sound therapy, making it a sacred and sensory way to celebrate the Goddess within. With the full body massage, the therapist uses Africology aromatherapy-infused massage oils, which are warmly applied and massaged deeply onto the body. This therapy works on tight muscles and lymph drainage, combating tension in stiff aching bodies. The massage is combined with herbal bags to improve circulation and absorption of essential oils.

What I love about Africology is that all their treatments are designed to assist the body in rejuvenation and managing negative health factors like toxicity, ensuring a more natural free flow of vitality. Africology also only uses all-natural ingredients that are bio-identical to your biology.

See www.africologyspa.com for more information and prices

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2. The Fairway Spa situated at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

One of my favourite spa spots is The Fairway Spa at the Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort situated on the Randpark Golf Course. The spa offers a variety of massages, facials, body wraps, hair removal, body bronzing and other day spa services. Hydrotherapy offerings include a rasul chamber, flotation tank, steam rooms, an eight seater Jacuzzi and outside swimming pool.

I recently went for a Babor Anti-Cellulite treatment and a Full Body Massage. The treatment is focused on increasing lymp flow, eliminating toxins and improving circulation, resulting in a smoother and slimmer you. Just in time for Summer shorts and Bikini season.

Why I love going to The Fairway Spa? The spa provides a place to unwind within close proximity of my home and always has some great promotions to look forward to.

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The Fairway Spa forms part of the Guvon Spas portfolio. For more information see www.thefairwayspa.co.za

3. Sorbet 

Sorbet is the perfect one-stop beauty hub offering manicures, pedicures, facials and hair removal, thus being my one stop beauty shop for all my essential beauty to-do’s. Having beautiful nails is a MUST and Sorbet always makes sure that my fingers and toes are in tip top shape.

What I love about Sorbet is that no matter which store you walk in, the service is always of highest standard, they have a great nail colour variety ensuring I am always in fashion with the latest colour trends and to top it all, Sorbet specialised in Dermalogca facials ensuring my skin always looks and feels great. Recently added to the treatment menu is the Dermalogia BioSurface Peel that I can’t wait to try out!

Check out www.sorbet.co.za for your nearest store