If there is one brand I totally adore, it’s Pandora! And as social and work calendars go, I couldn’t attend the Pandora Garden launch event and sadly missed out on receiving the gift… but nevertheless, this new range is just too stunning not to share! And definitely going on my 2019 wish list!

The new garden range is designed to inspire women to explore their creativity and express themselves in ways that feel natural to them. More than a collection, the Pandora Garden is a place of self-expression, a new way to convey feelings and express your femininity through a series of beautiful styles and icons. Expertly hand-finished in high-quality materials, the collection is rich in detail and symbolism, allowing women to weave meaningful messages into their personal storytelling and channel their inner confidence. 

“Women have so much power within; jewellery is a wonderful way to express it for the world to see.” – VP Creative Directors, Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli

Each of the nature-inspired icons – the butterfly, the four- leaf clover, the ladybird and the flower – carries a special, empowering meaning, from personal transformation to making your own luck and expressing your unique kind of beauty from the inside out.

Do yourself a favour and pop in at your nearest Pandora store, pick your favourites and let your unique expression thrive this season with Pandora Garden #PandoraGarden.