The trend towards an environmentally conscious way of living and consuming is a fast growing, global trend. Consumers are continuously finding greener alternatives to their favourite products, going as far as implementing greener beauty regimes. Research into consumer trends has shown that consumers, especially those in the millennial generation, are more willing to invest in brands that are environmentally conscious, use natural and eco-friendly ingredients or materials and that contribute positively to the communities within which they operate.

Owing to the increase in demand for eco-friendly products brands are investing into eco-conscious practices, in turn having a positive or non-harmful impact on the environment. Although many brands may be investing in these practices simply to remain relevant and increase sales, brands such as Midori Salon and TanOrganic are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint and contributing positively to the environment; it was this shared passion that led the brands to form a partnership.

TanOrganic, the world’s first eco-certified self tanning brand, moisturises and rejuvenates skin using only natural and organic ingredients. To qualify for eco-certification a brand needs to have at least 95% natural ingredients, contain no GMO’s, parabens, phenoxyethanol, ingredients derived from petrochemicals or synthetic chemisty, as well as no testing of the finished product on animals. The manufacturing process needs to be controlled at each stage to and the product packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable – such as TanOrganic’s glass packaging.


As many brands claim to be eco-friendly to stay relevant within their market, transparent labeling is crucial in order to qualify for eco-certification. All ingredients used in the formulation of TanOrganic are labeled on the packaging to ensure consumers are aware of what is being consumed through their skin. TanOrganic also believes in giving back to the community and the planet by supporting businesses that align with their brand identity – healthy people and a healthy planet. This ties in with Midori salon’s commitment to the environment and the organic lifestyle as a whole, making them an ideal partner for TanOrganic.

Midori Eco-salon encompasses all that is eco-friendly. The salon is situated in an energy conserving structure that was built according to green standards. The use of recycled and organic materials for the interior design further proves the brands passion. Promoting a green lifestyle is materialised in all aspects of the salon including the incorporation of eco-friendly practices, even in the services offered, through recycling and having electronic equipment replacing the use of paper. All products stocked in the salon are eco-friendly and organic, to support the salons commitment to the environment.

Their great passion for the environment has allowed these brands to join together in providing consumers with the opportunity to contribute positively to the environment through their beauty regimes and commit to the lifestyle that both brands so strongly promote.

The launch of the partnership between TanOrganic and Midori eco-salon was celebrated through an event held at the Midori Salon in Sandton. Guests were given the chance to expand their knowledge of the eco-friendly and organic lifestyle as well as the way in which brands are able to implement this.