So as most Brides do, or maybe just Brides in the PR industry… I  sent out our wedding for real bride feature considerations. A few came back 🙂 Watch this space for the coverage… But during this, I  had to answer a few questions, and the one that got me every time  was the story of how Andy and I met. So I thought I’d share it with  you.



What started out many years ago as just being acquaintances,  ended up being a real life story of SERENDIPITY (“fortunate  happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”).

Even though the way we met wasn’t the reason we ended up together, it is safe to say that the Man Upstairs definitely had a bigger plan for us.

Andy and I reconnected in August 2013 at Park Acoustics in Pretoria. I was there with my brother and friends and Andy was there to play with Dan Patlansky. We bumped into each other and I invited him to join us for drinks after his set but thinking that he wouldn’t. To my surprise he did join us and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together, chatting and listening to the music. Andy even sent the band home with his car so that he could stay longer.

The following week Andy phoned to ask me out on a date. I jumped at the opportunity and even replied, ‘that will be great but I can’t tonight’, with him replying,’ I didn’t mean tonight, I’m actually busy recording, but when I am back in Joburg’. Needless to say, we did go on our first date the following week.

At that stage in my life I was happy single and didn’t want to commit to anything because I felt I wasn’t ready due to previous heartache and relationship fails. We decided to start out as being just friends, but something about this drummer-boy made me rethink this.

It struck me while he was on tour in the UK, I realised I missed him and that I didn’t like the idea of him being on tour and getting the attention of other ladies. So I did what all rational girls in love would do, I phoned him and in not so many words stated that I wanted to be with him and that he should ask me out when he is back from tour.

I always knew that I wanted to embrace life to the full, study, work hard, travel and be successful… and that getting me to want to get married would take a very special person. Well, 5 months later and I was engaged.

14 March 2014 we were in the Midlans Meander at Caversham Mill where Andy was playing a gig with Dan. As a real girlfriend-groupie, whenever I have the chance, I go with to gigs, especially if it means a weekend away.

After the show, just as the sun was saying goodbye to us we went to go get some things in the cottage and as we entered the room Andy gathered all his courage, went down on his knees and asked my hand in marriage. I was so surprised that I asked if he was joking with me and he replied “does it look like I’m joking” while still standing on one knee. So he asked me again…And then I replied with a yes and some tears.

11 months later, on 21 February 2015 we got married at the beautiful Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa in Muldersdrift.065-Couple & Bridal Party

It took us 6 years of a lot of coincidental events and me being a local music festival groupie, a few months of persistance, 5 months of going out and 11 months of being engaged to know that there is something very special between me and this drummer-boy and that we are meant to be together forever.