I am much better at writing than speaking. I’ve always been one to lay my heart down pen to paper, but can somewhat clam-up in person. This blog is my way of sharing what my ‘speech’ would’ve been at your wedding…

Dearest Jen

So many crazy twists of fate had to happen for us to form a lifelong friendship. I had no idea, during that first lunch in Plettenbergbay, that that would be the start of a great friendship and that years later we would still be best friends.

As I sit and reminisce on our journey of friendship and all we have been through together, I am reminded of just how important you are to me; how much I love, respect and care for you. I am sure I speak for everyone your family, friends and especially me- as we are all unbelievably proud of the person you have become: caring, confident, determined, a great organiser, a shoulder to cry on, a great friend and now a wife.

We couldn’t be more different, yet we just fit. Our friendship is hard to describe, yet it just works. Through boyfriends, breakups, wine nights, arguments, overseas holidays, more wine and sushi nights, heartache and loss, we’ve stuck together and remained friends. You are a rock, you were my rock for a lot of my twenties and I don’t know what I would have done in a lot of situations without you. You’ve been the voice of understanding in so many situations, you have a great sense of humour and a love for life. And even though you might be hurting inside, you put on a great facade of being polite and happy for the sake of others. You are just that caring!

5 September was your wedding day and I couldn’t have been happier for you as you embarked on the next stage of your life with the man you love.   Your day was a whirlwind of rain, pictures, flowers, dresses, emotions and most importantly joy. Thank you for allowing me the honour to stand next to you as you said your “I Do’s” and embarked on your greatest adventure yet.

You were an absolutely flawless bride, and I’m so lucky to be able to have shared in this important time in your life.

I wish you and Ryan a lifetime of love and happiness, friendship, honesty and respect.

I am so happy for you and love you so much!